Mission 9-Spy and go Seek

Mission 9 Tutorial:

1) Once you have launched the mission. Talk to G first and he will explain his plan to put tracking devices all around the island to track down Herbert. (Herbert has your old spy phone so when the devices track down the spy phone he should be there as well) He explains that he wants you to put the tracking devices in three places. One at sea, one in the air,. And one underground. He has marked them off on your map. (Ski mountain, ice berg, and the mine shack.) The deflated rubber duck on the ground will help you put it out to sea and he mentions a kite that will help you put it in the air. Both are broken and he tells you some clues of how to fix them. Finish Talking to G.

2) Take the 3 tracking devices and the duck and leave HQ.

3) Head over to the dock. A guy should be having trouble starting his boat and you will notice he has an air pump. Offer to help him start the boat. Pull the cord at the back of the boat with a good strong pull to start the boat. The guy will ask if there is anything he can do to repay you, ask to borrow the pump. Take the pump. Next, head over to the mine shack.

4) At the mine shack you will run into Rory who is trying to fix the trough on the mine shack. Offer to help and move some of the blocks so you can move the trough on a perfect slant. Next. Rory will give you one more job—a fun one. He will let you use the welding torch to weld the mining cart! Click the fallen mining cart to stand it up and then weld the cracks!

5) Rory will leave so next take out one of the tracking devices and put it into the mining cart. Click the cart to make it go into the mine shack.

6) Go to the plaza. You will see two penguins and their puffles. The blue one will blow a bubble that sticks the penguins together. Help them by clicking the piece of gum holding them together. As a reward they will give you some of the leftover gum.

7) Use the gum to patch up the duck. Use the pump to inflate the duck. Then put a tracking device onto the duck.

8) Go right and head down the path to the forest. Pick up the branch.

9) Next, head to the iceberg. Place the duck with the tracking device in the water.

10) Go to the lodge. A yellow and a purple penguin will be playing find four. Or at least trying to. They could only find one piece so it is up to you to find the rest. A few are on the ladder, some are on the stool, some on the window sill. Go up the ladder and take some by the rocking horse, on the desk by the printer, by the record player, on the crate, and the last few are on the crate between the to couches. Pile them up and give the pile to the penguins.

11) Go back to G and grab the blue paper with plans for a kite. Put the paper and the branch together and then put on the string. Then finally, add the tracking device.

12) Go to Ski Mountain and go up to the pole. Tie the kite to it. You will get a phone call from G. Answer it and he wants you to report back to HQ. Go there. Once in HQ click on G and he will tell you that herbert is behind the ski lodge. He gives you binoculars and tells yout o go to the lodge and try to view herbert from a safe distance.

13) Go to the lodge and go out the back door that says ‘gone fishing’ click the distance with the binoculars and you will see herbert and klutzy in their camp. They leave and leave the spy phone behind. After that you will get a phone call from G. He tells you to find a way across the pond, locate the phone, improvise a makeshift camera, Hide it and then return to HQ.

14) Go across the pond and pick up the spy phone. Put the spy phone on the binoculars and put it in the tree. You will then get a call from G. Head back to HQ immediatly. He will show you the camera and what herbert is doing….apparently the hokey pokey. He talks about his plan. It involves puffles. That is all you get to know before Herbert discovers the camera.



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